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Door World offers a comprehensive selection of electric strikes and electrified latches designed to meet the diverse security needs of various applications. Our products, sourced from leading brands such as Adams Rite, HES, RCI, and EFF, ensure durability, reliability, and superior performance. Whether you need electric strikes for traditional locking systems or electrified latches for specialized security requirements, we have the perfect solutions to enhance the safety and functionality of your property.


1. Wide Range of Applications

Our electric strikes are perfect for a variety of uses, including exit bars, dead latches, and lever/orbit knob locks. They are designed to fit aluminum, wood, and metal door frames, making them versatile solutions for any property type.

2. Fail Safe and Fail Secure Options

Our electric strikes are field-selectable from fail safe to fail secure, offering flexibility to meet your specific security requirements. This feature ensures that your doors remain secure or accessible based on your preferences and needs.

3. Dual Voltage Compatibility

All our electric strikes support dual voltage 12/24 AC/DC, providing compatibility with a wide range of power supplies and enhancing their versatility.

4. Handicap and Accessible Washrooms

Our electric strikes can be combined with handicap and accessible washrooms, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards and providing convenient access for all users.

5. Exceptional Durability

Built to withstand well over 250,000 opening cycles, our electric strikes offer long-lasting reliability. Their robust construction ensures they maintain optimal performance even under heavy use.

6. UL Listed and ANSI Plate Available

Our electric strikes are UL listed for safety and reliability. They are available in ANSI plate and rim styles to suit different frame and opening styles, providing a perfect fit for any door setup.

7. Access Control Integration

Compatible with all access control systems, our electric strikes enhance your building’s security infrastructure, providing seamless integration with existing security measures.


In addition to electric strikes, we offer high-quality electrified latches that are ideal for situations where an electric strike cannot be installed.

1. Available Sizes

Our electrified latches are available in two standard sizes specifically designed for aluminum doors, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable operation.

2. Dual Voltage Compatibility

Like our electric strikes, our electrified latches support dual voltage 12/24 AC/DC, making them compatible with various power supplies and systems.

3. Enhanced Security

Our electrified latches are always locked for security but can be opened using keys and always allow egress out, ensuring safety and security in all situations.

4. Grade 1 Locking Requirements

Exceeding all Grade 1 locking requirements, our electrified latches offer the highest level of security and durability, providing peace of mind for property owners.

5. Robust Construction

Constructed with all-steel and stainless latch bolts, our electrified latches are built to last, offering exceptional strength and reliability for long-term use.

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Contact us for a free locksmith consultation and let us open the door to unmatched customer satisfaction!

Portrait of Dave Guenther

Contact us for a free locksmith consultation and let us open the door to unmatched customer satisfaction!